Introducing the new Searey Light Sport & Kit amphibians

Our Services

We are the factory authorized Searey dealer for the Northeast United States for both the Light sport and Kit versions of the Searey.

Service & parts

We are a certified parts, service and repair facility for Searey. We have trained Rotax service technicians on staff that are also seasoned seaplane and tailwheel experts.

We are a factory authorized training center for Searey and also offer tailwheel, skiplane and light sport training. We offer seaplane ratings and have a DPE on staff.

Flight Training

North East

Imagine being able to takeoff and land on the water a grass field or your favorite paved runway. Imagine landing on a lake, lowering your landing gear and taxiing up onto the beach.  There are no limits to the possibilities, every day is a new adventure in the Searey...

Flying a Searey will be the most fun you will ever have...

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